TransAm 1979 Pontiac Trans Am TransAm

1979 Gold 6.6 Litre Trans Am. Automatic Transmission with Positraction Rear. Purchased on 10/30/2010, below are pictures of the car the day it arrived.

The Goal

Create a 77/78 Bandit Clone, The car should have the black cloth deluxe interior, AC, Power Windows, Door Locks, a 455 Pontiac Motor with a 6-speed Tremec Manual Transmission.

The following will be done
  • Dismantled down to the Shell
  • The Shell will be Soda Blasted to bare metal to expose any area's that may need replacement
  • Bad Panels will be removed and new panles installed
  • Por-15 will be applied to the underbody to prevent any future rust problems including exterior firewall
  • The Body will get primed and imperfections should be noticable after priming, those will be fixed next
  • Next the Interior will get a final black paint - Only the interior - Door Jams will be done on final paint
  • Then New Drain Plugs and Sound deadener get installed
  • The Body will get set aside waiting for the sub-frame and rearend to be restored
  • The Sub-Frame, Upper & lower control Arms, cross-member and rearend will then be Soda blasted
  • Por-15 will be used on the Sub-Frame, Upper & lower control Arms, cross-member and rearend

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